Hudson River Collegiate Baseball League. We are a competitive summer baseball program committed to the development of collegiate players at an affordable price.

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We are thrilled to be named the official training coordinator for the Hudson River Collegiate Baseball League.  GritFit Training Corps has been providing training services and education for over a decade to hundreds of individuals with a broad spectrum of experience and objectives.  In that time we have also been training collegiate level athletes in a variety of sports and have found that the best place to start is with the fundamentals.  The fundamentals of exercise science, of movement coordination and program development. 


We will address this and more with an ongoing series developed exclusively for the Hudson River Collegiate Baseball League which can be accessed here on this site.  The best place to start is with a brief introduction to our training philosophy and an initial self assessment.   GritFit Training Corps is on a mission to provide all  responsible and conscientious citizens with a constant course of action toward physical and mental readiness.   We support all citizens in maintaining a reasonable level of fitness by providing sound, fundamental information supported by science and common sense.  This is in contrast to the market driven hyperbole meant to sell products and create life long consumers.  In the age of information and technology it is remarkable how little we understand about reasonable or exceptional fitness.  The paragraph below is based on YEARS of experience working with competitive athletes and reflects how we approach the initial interaction with new clients.


The competitive athlete must excel at his specialized skill and position and is obliged to do everything possible to ensure he is performing at maximum potential.  That is an implied agreement between athletes and coaches and among teammates.  It is astounding how many individuals falter in their obligation to their team when it comes to general conditioning training.  Some do nothing, many lift and very few engage in general conditioning training.  By that we mean training that stresses the neurological, cardio vascular and musculoskeletal systems simultaneously, as subsystems that work together to engage in peak performance.  This is largely the result of a cultural deficiency and a general lack of discipline.  We say this, with confidence, after having spent over a decade working with collegiate level athletes.  It is not our intent to disparage any individuals’ work ethic or commitment to their sport, however, if the shoe fits…, and it usually does, it’s time to reevaluate your approach to training by asking yourself a few questions. 


What is my current training program and can I articulate it to someone else?

  -It you can’t provide a clearly written outline of your current training program then it a) doesn’t exist or b) you’re lacking specificity and structure.


Can I identify how I am engaging each body system as stated above?

  -The ability to answer this question is a testament to our belief that athletic performance requires not only strength, endurance, commitment, and thousands of hours of practice but also intelligence.  That intelligence should lead the athlete to pursue a basic understanding of how the body responds to exercise and whether or not they are training in the most effective and efficient manner.


Am I currently in peak physical condition for the playing season?

  -Very few can answer this question correctly.   GritFit Training Corps is currently offering a free fitness assessment for the athlete on an individual, group or team basis.  We guarantee you will leave with a very accurate and honest answer to that question.   To set up a free assessment training session email Patricia Fitzgerald at .


We look forward to providing you with Grit, intelligence and effective training services.  Thank you for reading and good luck.


Patricia A. Fitzgerald

CEO and founder of GritFit Training Corps